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欧华供应链·About Us
Providing professional one-stop logistics solutions for export enterprises.

Zhejiang Ouhua Enterprise Management Co., Ltd.

Founded in November 2019, it is a logistics technology company based on logistics solutions. It has more than 200 employees in domestic and foreign branches. It has East China: Zhejiang Ouhua Supply Chain Co., Ltd. (Yiwu Branch, Shanghai Branch, Wenzhou Branch, Ningbo Branch, Anhui Branch, Hangzhou Branch); Central China: Fujian Ouhua Supply Chain Co., Ltd. (Xiamen Branch, Quanzhou Branch, Fuzhou Branch); South China: Guangdong Ouhua Enterprise Management Co., Ltd. ( Guangzhou Branch, Bantian Branch, Dongguan Branch).

With many years of experience in developing logistics channels and extensive human resources, we have customized different logistics service products for cross-border e-commerce companies: China-Europe (UK) trains, China-Europe (UK) trucks, Europe (UK) shipping, Europe (UK) UK) air transport to fully meet the needs of cross-border e-commerce customers.

The company adheres to the management concept of leading technology and attaches great importance to modern management and talent training. It has established long-term strategic cooperation with a number of management agencies and strives to build a high-quality international logistics professional team!

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One-stop logistics servics
Vice President Unit of Yiwu Cross-border E-commerce Association
Yiwu Red Cross Society - Zhejiang Ouhua donated 200,000 yuan
Director of the Third Council of Yiwu International Chamber of Commerce
Unit for Transport and Logistics Branch of China Transportation Association
欧华供应链·Honorary qualification
AAAA  Logistics enterprises

Ouhua Supply Chain.Product Service
Multi-line product operation, providing various choices for export
Ouhua Supply Chain·Partner
International Freight, the Choice of Many Well-Known Brand Enterprises, Please Rest Assured

China-Europe Railway Line
China-Europe Air-Cargo Line
Europe (English) Shipping Line
Europe (English) Air-Cargo Line
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DPD Express
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GLS Logistics
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DPD Express
GLS Logistics
GLS Logistics
UPS Express
UPS Express
Ouhua Supply Chain·Six Major Advantages
We remain consistent in cross-border logistics, strive for excellence, and work hard for better logistics services.
Professional Customs Clearance Team
One-stop transportation service
Peak season, no lingering.

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High compensation service

One-to-one after-sales service

The company has invested heavily in customs clearance design and has established professional customs clearance resources through joint ventures for many years in its European subsidiaries, such as EuroHua and EuroEurope, which specialize in customs clearance in Hungary and Greece within the European Union.
There are more than ten branch warehouses nationwide, which reduce domestic transportation costs for customers and provide overseas warehousing services for cross-border e-commerce. They also support overseas re-labeling, labeling, sorting, warehousing, and re-distribution services.

The company holds first-class operating agency rights for multiple products, including air, sea, land transportation and international express, providing comprehensive solutions to meet all logistics needs of customers and facilitating worry-free shipments for various types of clients.
Full GPS positioning and visual tracking throughout the process, always keeping track of the progress of the goods.

DLA Piper has in-depth cooperation with a number of logistics insurance companies to provide you with professional management services and fast after-sales response (low rates, easy claims settlement, and fast insurance issuance).
Dedicated customer service provides one-on-one after-sales, timeliness, immediate detection of lost parts and customs issues, solving customer concerns from the root cause.
Ouhua Supply Chain·News
International Freight, providing you with the latest industry information
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