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Zhejiang Ouhua Supply Chain Co., Ltd Founded in November 2019, Ouhua is a logistics technology company based on logistics solutions. With more than 200 employees both at home and abroad, Zhejiang Ouhua Supply Chain Co., Ltd has braches in Shanghai, Wenzhou, Ningbo, Xiamen, Anhui, and Hangzhou, etc. With years of experience in developing logistics channels and extensive network resources, we provide cross-border e-commerce enterprises with different logistics services, such as China-Europe (UK) freight train, China-Europe (UK) truck, European (UK) sea freight, and European (UK) air freight to meet their needs in a comprehensive manner.

Adhering to the management philosophy of leading in technology and attaching great importance to modern management and talent training, the company has established long-term strategic cooperation with a number of management institutions, devoting itself to building a high-quality professional international logistics team! We strive to break the traditional logistics framework, establish a modern logistics transfer system, and scale up input in office automation, service informatization, process operation, network integration, etc. to promote the continuous improvement of our logistics system, and achieve the overall system tracking of shipments. By constantly striving for excellence, we work on providing customers with service experience of high efficiency and high quality!

*Vision overview: Ouhua International will work together with ecological partners to build a sound digital logistics management system, help the "the Belt and Road", provide customers with professional one-stop logistics solutions based on the "five core service" standard, and make the Ouhua elites with dreams and results become "four haves", so as to achieve a comprehensive win-win situation. In 2026, the group's revenue exceeded 10 billion, making it a listed company with investment value in the industry. *The the Belt and Road: Borrowing the historical symbols of the ancient Silk Road, holding high the banner of peaceful development, actively developing economic partnership with countries along the route, and jointly building a community of interests, a community of destiny, and a community of responsibility with political mutual trust, economic integration, and cultural inclusion. *Five heart level service: attentive, worry free, reassuring, caring, and happy.

*Four newcomers: seats, tickets, cars, and houses.

Corporate culture
creating a brand and establishing a good corporate image

To help the high-quality development of the the Belt and Road, create value for customers, help colleagues to realize their dreams, and let Ouhua Logistics go global.

Patriotic and dedicated: Promote the national patriotic spirit, be brave and responsible, and take on responsibilities. Integrity and win-win situation: keep promises, benefit others and oneself, and create a better future together.

Ouhua Logistics, Leading the World!

Seriously, quickly, keep promises, ensure completion of results, never make excuses, take action immediately!

Choose one thing and live your life together with Ouhua, unstoppable!

Strive for the development of China's logistics industry for a lifetime!

Innovation and progress: daring to change for sustainable development, and continuously learning for self growth. Unity and Gratitude: Consolidate all forces and jointly build the European Dream.

Provide professional one-stop logistics solutions for export enterprises.

Positive altruism, respect for heaven and love, never give up!

Honorary qualifications

Honorary qualifications


2020-2021 Top 10 Industry Selection for China Europe Train Demonstration Enterprise
Outstanding Exhibitor at the 3rd Annual Summit of the Shenzhen Airlines Association International Logistics Chamber of Commerce
Dongguan Cross border E-commerce Association - Vice President Unit
Membership Certificate of Fuyong Street Logistics Association
Fuyong Logistics Association
Fuyong Logistics Association Bay Area Cup
Ouyida Star
Director Unit of Shenzhen Aviation Industry Association
World Expo - Cross border E-commerce Logistics Service Star Enterprise
World Expo - Cross border E-commerce Comprehensive Service Star Enterprise
Expo - Excellent Foreign Trade (Cross border E-commerce) Comprehensive Service Provider
Yiwu Red Cross - Zhejiang Ouhua Donated 200000 yuan
Member of the Third Council of the International Chamber of Commerce in Yiwu City
Director Unit of the Shipping and Logistics Branch of the China Transportation Association
IoT Expo TOP20 European Special Line Enterprise